Appeal by 1+1 media and Rewilding Ukraine on the need to protect animals suffering from the russian war in Ukraine

May 18, 2022

On behalf of 1+1 media, one of the largest media holdings in Eastern Europe, and Rewilding Ukraine, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the restoration of natural landscapes, wildlife comeback, and sustainable community development, we appeal to the international wildlife community and relevant organizations, as well as people all over the world who are concerned by the situation.

russia’s brutal war in Ukraine has been going on for more than two months now, taking thousands of peaceful lives and destroying everything in its path. As a result of these hostilities and constant bombing, a large number of animals are dying in zoos, nature parks or abandoned homes, as well as valuable nature areas are being destroyed. The habitats for wild and captive animals are being destroyed. Only in the last two months of the war, 380 dogs were starved to death and about 30 horses were burned alive in Gostomel, 120 animals were shot in Yasnogorodka, and more than 100 cows were killed by shells in Kharkiv. And these terrible numbers are growing every day.


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We call on specialized international organizations to join forces and help to save nature and the lives of animals in Ukraine. A priority should be given to providing humanitarian assistance to temporarily displaced domestic and wild animals and their shelters, to the protected areas and zoos under occupation, including food, medicine, necessary care and treatment equipment for animals, etc. As a future step, it is important to jointly develop an international program to restore the natural landscape and wildlife habitats, as well as to provide technical and financial aid to renovate destroyed nature parks, zoos, and shelters in the war-affected regions of Ukraine.

In turn, we, as one of the largest broadcasters in Ukraine, regularly talk about this need on all our media sources and are ready to keep doing this. Rewilding Ukraine supports partner protected areas and institutions affected by the war. We also provide logistical assistance to other donors willing to give targeted support to the organizations most in need.

Get acquainted with the needs of protected areas, zoos, animal protection organizations. Maybe you can help them. Together we can do more!
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