Wilder nature

Nature is amazing! When left to manage itself, natural processes begin to function more effectively. Such processes include natural grazing, the roles of predators and scavengers and natural flooding.


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Wildlife comeback

Wild natural landscapes without animals are like beautiful theatres without actors.We aim to reintroduce or restore populations of many wildlife species in the area, including deer, kulan and eagle owl.


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Andrey Nekrasov / Rewilding Europe

Nature-based economies

There are economic opportunities in rewilding. The increasing global popularity of nature-based tourism demonstrates this potential. Helping nature heal can lead to prosperous local economies.


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Solvin Zankl/ Rewilding Europe

Awareness and pride

The pride of local communities in their beautiful region and wild nature, as well as the awareness and support of stakeholders and people across the country, are of great importance for the conservation of Danube Delta ecosystems and landscapes.


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Magnus Lundgren / Wild Wonders of Europe
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