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We can’t do great things alone. We invite you to join our efforts to make our region great again, for the benefit of both wild nature and people.

Join us!

If you are interested in wild nature, join us on our social networks, subscribe to our newsletter, spread the word about us and support our work and the philosophy of rewilding to create a strong movement for the healthy future of our nature.

Partner with us

If you are a stakeholder, join us in our efforts, become a partner, use our experience and instruments of Rewilding Europe in other areas, launch a nature-based business in the region with our support and subscribe to our newsletter.

Spread the word about us

If you are a journalist of local or national press, or a filmmaker, cooperate with us to promote rewilding philosophy among people and show the beauty of the Danube delta nature. We are open to special projects.

Use nature-based opportunities

If you live in the local communities of the Danube Delta, find out more about our activities, support our work, take part in our community events and leverage the nature-based opportunities that have resulted from rewilding.

Visit wild places

If you like traveling or birdwatching, visit the Danube Delta to see restored and rewilded nature, its rich biodiversity including hundreds of bird species, gorgeous big grazers like water buffalo, wild horses, and also taste the region’s organic products.

Be our ambassador

If you are a famous person and you share our philosophy and passion for wild nature, become our ambassador at a national or regional level to spread the news about rewilding and the need to create a better future of our nature.

Rewilding Europe

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