Social study in Ukraine finds positive attitudes to rewilding

May 28, 2024  |  News

The Rewilding Ukraine team have been carrying out efforts to restore the Tarutino Steppe since 2019. A social study carried out recently by the team found widespread support for rewilding among the residents of Borodino, a community which owns the steppe. The results of the study will help to guide future engagement as rewilding scales up.

Together with communities towards the wild steppe

March 12, 2024  |  News

At the end of February, another crucial step was taken to deepen the collaboration between Rewilding Ukraine and the Borodino territorial community in preserving and ecologically restoring the Budzhak steppes, with the Tarutino steppe landscape reserve at its core. Two training seminars on rewilding for local residents were conducted in the Borodino community.

From hope to action: World Rewilding Day 2024

February 20, 2024  |  News

Taking place on March 20 with the theme #HopeintoAction, this year’s World Rewilding Day will celebrate rewilding and showcase its real-world impact. Let’s rewild now for nature, climate and people.

Rewilding Romania Job Vacancies

January 18, 2024  |  News

Can you see yourself joining a passionate and innovative team of people working to make Romania a wilder place? Would you like to use your skills and experience supporting the recovery of wild nature and wildlife populations across Romania, for the benefit of people and nature? If so, we might have the ideal job for you.

Rewilding Highlights 2023 in the Danube Delta

December 28, 2023  |  News

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing war in Ukraine and associated restrictions, our team, in collaboration with partners, persevered in the mission to restore and rewild the magnificent Danube Delta region throughout 2023. From wetland restoration to wildlife comeback and nature education, the year was punctuated by numerous rewilding successes.

Rewilding Europe Capital looks to amplify rewilding through increased funding

November 15, 2023  |  News

Are you a European entrepreneur or NGO with a desire to enhance wild nature? Rewilding Europe Capital may be able to supply the support you need to help realise your ambition, including – for the first time – repayable grants. Ukraine is also in the list of countries in which this financial mechanism works.

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