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Living rivers mean recreation and tourism

February 17, 2022  |  News

As a child, a trip to the river in the summer has always been fraught with adventure, joy, and friends. We carry these memories throughout our lives, so rivers often have a special place in our hearts. Indeed, rivers and water bodies give us a wide range of positive emotions and impressions: from thrill and excitement to relaxation and inner harmony. They provide many different opportunities for active or relaxing holidays for all tastes. Let’s mention some of them with you.

Living rivers mean food and commodities

February 10, 2022  |  News

From time immemorial, people have settled on the banks of rivers and lakes, because they knew: they mean life! Rivers and floodplains provide local communities with food and other resources that allow them to thrive. In part, these products and materials reach the inhabitants of large cities, so one way or another we all depend on rivers.

Living rivers mean clean drinking water

February 9, 2022  |  News

Is it possible to drink water from the river? Yes, we all do it every day, because the water comes to our taps through pipes from rivers. Of course, it undergoes a complex process of purification using physical and chemical methods, the set of which may vary depending on the river and area. But do you know that nature also has its own filters that effectively clean water from various types of pollution?

WWF-Ukraine and Rewilding Ukraine launch joint information campaign “Living rivers are more than just water!”

February 9, 2022  |  News

Today, February 9, WWF-Ukraine and Rewilding Ukraine are launching the information campaign to draw the attention of Ukrainians to the value of rivers and wetlands, which are complex natural systems providing people with many ecosystem services. The environmental organizations emphasize the need to preserve and restore the rivers and floodplains of Ukraine.

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