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September 13, 2021

On September 25, the ethno-eco festival “Tarutino steppe” will take place in the Tarutyn steppe in the Odesa region, where you will be swirled by the whirlpool of national rites, authentic songs, and dances of the peoples of Bessarabia. The highlight of the festival will be the eco-zone and eco-activities, which will reveal to you the nature of the unique Tarutyn steppe in all its beauty.

During the Tarutino steppe ethno-eco fest you will learn more about the nature, culture and customs of Bessarabia – a unique historical region, parts of which are located in modern Moldova and Ukraine. It unites a large number of nationalities with its culture and customs. It will be delicious and fun. Join us!

 Location of the festival: Frumushika-Nova Center for Ecological and Green Tourism.

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Festival program:

10: 00-11: 30 – a round table devoted to the plans for establishing a national nature park in the Tarutyno steppe

12: 00-12: 30 – the arrival of organized groups from Odessa and Izmail and other guests of the festival

12: 30-13: 00 – the grand opening of the festival

13: 00-15: 00 – a concert of local groups of the Borodino community

16: 00-17: 30 – a concert of the headliners of the festival, the “Lume” band (Republic of Moldova)

18:00 – closing of the festival and organized group departure to Odessa and Izmail

 In addition, the festival will constantly have different areas with interesting events:

Food court and fair of masters (12: 00-18: 00)

Here you can enjoy traditional and modern local dishes, carefully prepared for you by the hostesses of the Borodino village community. In this area, you will also find handicrafts, workshops, and tastings of organic products in the region.

Ecozone (12: 00-18: 00) and eco-lectures (13: 00-16: 00)

A spectacular photo exhibition will not leave you impartial and will change your perception of the nature of the Danube region. In the eco-lecture you will be able to watch interesting videos about rewilding and the nature of the region and Ukraine, as well as listen to interesting lectures and talk to speakers from different natural sites of our country (the eco-lecture program will be available later). In addition, you will be able to see with your own eyes the representatives of wild flora and fauna of the steppe, visit the tourist eco-routes within the festival. You will have a chance to meet wild kulans, shy deer, funny marmots, which we recently returned to the Tarutyno steppe. Registration for the tour will be made during the festival. The number of participants is limited.

Children’s area (12: 00-18: 00)

Animators and giant soap bubbles will be waiting for your children in the children’s area! Also, young guests of the festival will be able to turn into deer, fox cubs, tigers and other wild animals with bright aqua makeup. The swing and playground will be happy to entertain children.


In the center of ecological and green tourism “Frumushika-Nova” you can enjoy traditional local cuisine in the inn, buy local wines, honey, cheese and other delicacies, and visit various museums and interesting places: an open-air museum, which presents the estates of different nationalities. Bessarabia, park-museum of socialist realism, park-museum of sculptures “History of the Bessarabian land” and others. During the festival, a surprise awaits you – in addition to the usual tour of the estates, you will be met by representatives of different nations in national costumes, who will treat you to their traditional dishes. You will also be able to see yourself how Karakul sheep are raised and local wine is produced. Registration for the tour will be held during the festival, the number of participants is limited.

If you want to stay overnight, book accommodation in advance (https://frumushika.com/). The number of rooms is limited.

Organizers of the festival:

Environmental non-governmental organization Rewilding Ukraine, Borodino village territorial community and the Center for Ecological and Green Tourism “Frumushika-Nova”. 

For the safety of visitors, the event will be held in compliance with the requirements for counteracting the spread of COVID-19, which will be in force at the time of the festival. We also kindly ask you to follow the requirements to minimize the risk to your own health and the health of your loved ones!

How to get:

We have made sure that you can easily reach us from the big cities of the region. A transfer will be organized from Odessa and Izmail. For transfers from Odessa please contact – +38 (063) 11 44 ​​058, transfer from Izmail – +38 (067) 558 66 57

 If you want to visit the festival by your own means of transport, the location is in Odessa region, Bolgrad district, the territory of Borodino territorial community 6.5 km from the villages of Starosillya and Vesela Dolyna, 180-220 km from Odessa. The detailed route can be found on the Frumushika-Nova website on the Contacts page.

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