The Danube Delta Rewilders Club extends a warm invitation to the youth of the region

August 18, 2023

The Danube Delta Rewilders Club is opening up in the Danube region, and we’re inviting schoolchildren from the area to join in. This club will bring together students from Ukraine, Romania, and the Republic of Moldova who are fascinated by the nature of the Danube Delta region.

In the Danube Delta Rewilders Club, kids will have the chance to learn a lot about their region’s nature and rewilding, which helps restore nature.
iStock / Rewilding Europe


In the Danube Delta Rewilders Club, kids will have the chance to learn a lot about their region’s nature and rewilding, which helps restore nature. They’ll also get to know the animals and plants better, take part in interesting activities both online and offline, and make new friends from other countries. Also, next summer, we’re planning the international Danube Delta Rewilders Camp. This special event will invite the most active members of the Club to take part in hands-on rewilding activities and gain an exciting new experience.

“We’re starting the Danube Delta Rewilders Club to create a way for children from different countries who love the Danube’s nature to connect to each other. At the beginning, we’ll give lots of support to the Club, organize events, and encourage kids to become members. But we hope that later on, it can become a community of its own, where teachers from all three countries also contribute,” says Kateryna Kurakina, Communications Officer at Rewilding Ukraine. “We know how important it is to grow a new generation that loves and takes care of the nature of their region. They’ll be the ones to look after the Danube Delta for many years to come.”


Where the mighty Danube river meets the Black Sea, it has created a massive deltaland, Europe’s largest wetland area.
Jeroen Helmer / ARK Nature


To become a part of the Club, children just need to fill out the online form provided in the link. They should provide their email address, which will be used to send newsletters containing information about Club events and news. Joining the Club is free and completely voluntary, and most activities can be enjoyed from anywhere. We will announce location-specific events ahead of time, which will occur periodically in all three countries, enabling kids from various parts of the Danube Delta to take part. The Club’s Instagram page will serve as a platform for sharing information, photos, and comments among participants.

“If you’re curious about the nature around you and wish to learn more while exploring with fellow nature lovers, make friends from other countries in the region, and enjoy a fun and creative time, we invite you to join our Club,” encourages Tetyana Balatska, coordinator of the Danube Delta Rewilders Club. “As a nudge to take the first step – joining the Club – we’re initiating a small contest: send us a photo of the Danube’s nature along with a brief explanation of why that specific photo matters to you. Upon your agreement, we’ll showcase the finest photos on the Club’s Instagram page, and we’ll raffle 5 sets of delightful stickers among the contest’s participants. Additionally, we’ll distribute small gifts from time to time and reward the most active Club members.”


The Camp’s members will have a chance to take part in interesting activities both online and offline, and the most active kids will take part in the international Danube Delta Rewilders Camp next summer.
Sebastian Bugariu / PWOL


Rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation, which is now becoming more and more popular in Europe and the world. Nature knows best when it comes to survival and self-governance. Rewilding assumes that nature should take care of itself, allowing natural processes to shape land and sea, repair damaged ecosystems, and restore degraded landscapes. We only help by creating the right conditions, by removing dykes and dams to free up rivers, by stopping active management of wildlife populations, by allowing natural forest regeneration, and by reintroducing species that have disappeared as a result of man’s actions.

So, if you reside and study in the Danube delta region of Ukraine, Romania, or the Republic of Moldova, and you’re excited to take part in the Danube Delta Rewilders Club, simply register using the provided link. Feel free to also send us your photos and stories via email at It’s going to be enjoyable and captivating – come on board!


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